Here are some pictures that go through a day of school in our house.

Here are some pictures to help explain what we do during our homeschool schedule:

There’s a bit of a sample of how we do things! I’m glad they have each other and it gets more fun and more rewarding all the time!


6 thoughts on “Here are some pictures that go through a day of school in our house.

  1. I love that you’re incorporating philosophy already! As a college philosophy major I long to see more of this but there seem to be so few resources available. What books do you use?

    • Also, DK has a book just called “The Philosophy Book.” We haven’t used it yet but we have used books from the same series and they’re wonderful! We’ll probably pull it out when our oldest is entering high school.

      • Ack! Another comment from me. I’m curious about your question now. I just checked Amazon and DK has a book on Philosophy in their Eyewitness series (which I absolutely love and use all the time). And I also think having them read thoughtful literature is a good way to get them started. Things like CS Lewis or Mark Twain introduce deep thinking and interesting questions that I think prepare them for the kind of thought that happens in Philosophy.

        What did you like best about Philosophy yourself?

  2. Hi! We aren’t using anything special, just Plato himself! My husband is about to graduate with his PhD in Philosophy so they just read and talk about it. 🙂 But with most of what we do in our family, we just use the books themselves rather than finding curriculum that teaches it. If it were just me (a Humanities BA graduate 11 years ago), I’d probably start with things like Plato’s allegory of the cave or other stories, allegories, etc. to introduce Philosophy.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! I am always pleasantly surprised when someone besides family even knows my blog is here! 😀

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