New School Year! Fall 2014

A new school year! New grades! New subjects! New books and notebooks!

And, a new schedule! 

I like this schedule because it allows me to get in a lot more subjects this year, to spend some direct but advanced learning time with Jacob and Emma, and to have time to get other things done in the afternoons.

Monday – Thursday we follow the same routine. On Friday, I give ourselves some variety. We still start at the same time, but we do some sort of other kind of learning activity. I plan to change it up each week. We might recreate famous art with stuffed animals, act out whatever story seems to fit a piece of classical music, go for a nature walk, watch an educational video (this week it was Little Travelers visit to Japan – thank you Amazon Prime! 🙂 ), and so on. Then after that we are going to bake something. So far it’s been cookies, both weeks. 🙂 Then in the afternoon, I want to take time to get the next week all prepped (especially math notebooks) while they read books of their choice.

Here’s the Monday – Thursday schedule:

8: 30 – Scripture Study & morning chores


LYDIA & JONAH (9:00) Play-doh, blocks, etc.

EMMA & JACOB (9:00) Reading with me (US History / Science / Artists in a weekly rotation — write down questions you have and research the answers in the afternoon time)

JONAH, EMMA, JACOB (9:30) Math 

10:00 – SNACK (Fruit & water, sometimes crackers)

JONAH (10:15) Read story books outloud to me

EMMA & JACOB (10:15) Spanish lessons on the computer

LYDIA, JONAH, JACOB, EMMA (10:45) Together at the table for Journals (Letters & numbers for Lydia, Journal copying for Jonah, and English grammar lesson and journal writing for Emma and Jacob)

11:30 – LUNCH TIME!


JONAH (12:30) “Research” (read a page of a short learning book on your own, copy two words & draw two pictures)

EMMA & JACOB (12:30 – 2:00 or so) – INDEPENDENT TIME (they can do these in any order they want:)

– Memorize poetry (15 minutes)

– Spelling (15 minutes)

– Research Projects (30 minutes learning more about what I read to you in the morning – US History / Science / Artists)

– Philosophy for Emma, Art books for Jacob (30 minutes)

2:30 – 3:00 or so – CRAFT & DRAWING TIME! (when everyone’s ready and we’ve cleaned up school books, then they get out our new craft bag loaded with paper, cool scissors, brads, tape, glue sticks, etc. and work for about a half hour. It’s a great way to end the day!)



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