Changing school needs

I never can stick with one routine. It works for a few months, but then one or two of the kids need something different and it’s an uphill battle to keep things going at the right times and for the right amount of time, and things disintegrate and I start building a new routine. It’s frustrating at first, in part because I always wonder if I’ve just failed to enforce things enough and that’s why it fell apart. But, as I start to assemble a new schedule I get really excited. There are always things I want to do with the kids, or have the kids do, that can’t fit into a schedule. I look things over and decide what seems best for that time in their education or in our family situation and then just go for it. But when a routine disintegrates and I begin to assemble, I start to remember all of those subjects and ideas that fell by the wayside, and it’s actually pretty invigorating. I’ve let things disintegrate over the past 2 weeks, and I’m finally over feeling guilty, and I’m looking ahead to a new schedule.

Of course, it’s summertime, so that presents some other challenges as well as opportunities. Emma’s off to Girls’ Camp this week. Sue comes for a visit. And then my family comes, and we might head up to the cabin for a few days. After that, the boys have a class at the Rec Center, and then we’re already to August! Throw in swimming lessons somewhere in there, and that’s a fair bit to juggle. But it’s also a lot of learning and growing and fun as well.

I’ll try and remember to post whenever I get things figured out. I keep a record of my various routines under the tab “Homeschool Schedule.”


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