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Summer homeschooling!

We’ve been in Utah for over a month now! We are loving it and having a great time here in Provo. I love having the library and museums so close to us. Every morning, one of the kids helps me pick out where we will go. Sometimes it’s to a museum. Sometimes to a park. Sometimes we play with a friend. Sometimes we go walk around BYU. And often we go to the library. Then we have lunch (often as a picnic or at those little tables inside the grocery store!) and then in the afternoon when it’s hot outside we do school. Emma and Jacob each have a math workbook I bought specifically for the summer to help them retain what we’ve learned. They do that for a half hour. Then they read any “learning book” (nonfiction) they’ve checked out from the library for a half hour. Then they each do some story reading for whatever amount of time we’ve picked for their summer reading program daily reading. For Jacob it’s 30 minutes and for Emma it’s 80 minutes. For Jonah, his school means I read one learning book and 2 story books to him. That fulfills his requirement of at least 20 minutes of being read to each day. Lydia often listens to me read to Jonah, and sometimes Jacob reads his books out loud to her or to Jonah.

We’re loving it! What a wonderful way to spend our summer days and to do school! I will certainly miss ┬áhaving the library a block away after this summer is over!