Homeschool Schedule

Winter 2016 Schedule:

We went back to a schedule with everyone doing the same subjects at more or less the same time. We started with journals, which is my chance to teach grammar and spelling, as well as general narrative writing. Then we had math time, which usually meant a worksheet or two out of my favorite series (SchoolZone). Emma does math lessons with Joe every other day, and he assigns her math. We took a snack break, then did science time and art time.

After lunch, we did some reading time — free reading for Jonah, American History for Jacob, literature for Emma, and reading aloud for Lydia. I also read a read-aloud book to the boys in the afternoon.

Emma had philosophy and piano in addition to the other subjects, and Jacob began guitar lessons part way into the semester.

Fall 2015 Schedule: 

(The kids can do any of the morning subjects in any order, and the afternoon subjects in any order. They have charts where they cross off each subject after they do it so we all keep on track.)

Emma: Scripture Study, Music practice (30 minutes), Philosophy (45 minutes), Writing (Journal) & Handwriting, Arts (30 minutes), Science (30-40 minutes), break/lunch, Free Reading (1 hour), Math (30-40 min), Geography (any book on country) (45 minutes), Spanish with Daddy (later: dinner chore)

Jacob: Scripture Study, American History (2 pages in book, but about 30-40 minutes), Writing (Journal) & Handwriting, Arts (copy poems/art, about 30 minutes), Science (45 minutes), break/lunch (lunch chore!), Free Reading (1 hour), Math (workbooks), Geography (any book on country) (45 minutes)

Jonah: (breakfast chore), Scripture Study, Read chapter book (Wayside Stories), Writing (Journal) & Handwriting, Arts (copy art picture, write name), Science (2 facts, 1 picture, 1 question), break/lunch, Free Reading (1 hour), Math (workbooks), Geography (any book on country) (45 minutes)

Lydia: Scripture Study, Writing (Journal) & Handwriting, Arts (copy art), Science (listen to learning book), Read a book by yourself! :), Math (workbooks), Geography (draw maps, find cities)

Fridays: Share Geography findings, go to museums/rec center/ etc.

Schedule for 2014-2015 school year:

Here’s the Monday – Thursday schedule:

8: 30 – Scripture Study & morning chores


LYDIA & JONAH (9:00) Play-doh, blocks, etc.

EMMA & JACOB (9:00) Reading with me (US History / Science / Artists in a weekly rotation — write down questions you have and research the answers in the afternoon time)

JONAH, EMMA, JACOB (9:30) Math

10:00 – SNACK (Fruit & water, sometimes crackers)

JONAH (10:15) Read story books outloud to me

EMMA & JACOB (10:15) Spanish lessons on the computer

LYDIA, JONAH, JACOB, EMMA (10:45) Together at the table for Journals (Letters & numbers for Lydia, Journal copying for Jonah, and English grammar lesson and journal writing for Emma and Jacob)

11:30 – LUNCH TIME!


JONAH (12:30) “Research” (read a page of a short learning book on your own, copy two words & draw two pictures)

EMMA & JACOB (12:30 – 2:00 or so) – INDEPENDENT TIME (they can do these in any order they want:)

– Memorize poetry (15 minutes)

– Spelling (15 minutes)

– Research Projects (30 minutes learning more about what I read to you in the morning – US History / Science / Artists)

– Philosophy for Emma, Art books for Jacob (30 minutes)

2:30 – 3:00 or so – CRAFT & DRAWING TIME! (when everyone’s ready and we’ve cleaned up school books, then they get out our new craft bag loaded with paper, cool scissors, brads, tape, glue sticks, etc. and work for about a half hour. It’s a great way to end the day!)

Monday – Thursday we follow the same routine. On Friday, I give ourselves some variety. We still start at the same time, but we do some sort of other kind of learning activity. We change it up each week: go to a science museum, recreate famous art with stuffed animals, act out whatever story seems to fit a piece of classical music, go for a nature walk, watch an educational video (like Little Travelers visit to Japan – thank you Amazon Prime! 🙂 ), and so on. We also take time to bake something (yay for cookies!). Then in the afternoon, I take time to get the next week all prepped (especially math notebooks) while they either watch something educational or read books of their choice.


Schedule starting January 2014:

This semester, I don’t have set times or even a set order for their subjects and assignments. They each have a list of things that need to be done before they can play. This has been much easier on me. I can play, clean, or help as needed and the older kids just work around my needs. And I feel like it’s giving them a chance to be responsible and decide how they want to order their day.

Here are their lists:

EMMA (4th grade):

  • Journal / Letters
  • Cursive
  • Geography
  • Piano Practice
  • Scripture Study
  • Math
  • P.E.
  • Pioneer Journal
  • Philosophy
  • Chore

JACOB (2nd grade):

  • Guitar Practice
  • Drawing
  • Reading & Book Reports
  • Dinosaur Project with Jonah
  • Math
  • Impressionism
  • Scripture Study
  • Chore

JONAH (Kindergarten):

  • Weather time! (with Lydia)
  • Reading (workbook or read to Mommy)
  • Mommy reads (to you and Lydia)
  • Dinosaur poster project (with Jacob)
  • Train book and/or Dinosaur kit (with Daddy or Mommy)
  • Scripture Study (with Mommy)
  • Math

LYDIA (age 3):

  • Weather time! (with Jonah)
  • Reading (Mommy reads a book to you and Jonah)
  • Scripture Study (with Daddy)


Schedule for Fall 2013:

At 8:00, the kids have at least one chore to do. They save up quarters and we’ll spend them on desserts etc when we eat out! 🙂

At 8:30, Emma and Jacob start school. Emma does piano, book review, math, biology, and then after snack she does scripture study. Then lunch, followed by transcribing and illustrating a pioneer journal! Jacob does a journal, learning book, math, reading out loud, and then after snack he does his scripture study. Then after lunch he tries to copy paintings, sculpture, etc from art books.

At 9:00, Jonah has some Kindergarten time. We read together and/or work on basic math. We also read stories later on during the day when things seem calm enough. 🙂

On Fridays we are going having Friday Field Trips, which will usually be Explora!

Things are going well so far!


Here’s what our schedule was, in March 2013

Morning School 8:30-10:30-

“Together Time” – We start with a prayer, and then we work on the letter of the week. We spend one day drawing pictures with the shape of that letter, one day writing words that start with that letter, one day playing pictionary with words that start with that letter, and the last day using manuscript paper to write the letter very carefully over and over again.

Then Jacob and Emma each have math and writing assignments.

Afternoon School 12:00-3:00 (or so) –

Emma has three subjects she works on: Science (The Way Things Work book), American History (from the Children’s Encyclopedia of American History) and something she picks (sewing, piano, etc.)

Jacob has two subjects: reading out loud (chapter books now) and “learning books” (right now, Jonah picks a Childcraft book and we read a few pages. Then Jacob writes a sentence and draws a picture w/ 2 labels.)

Show & Tell:

Every Friday afternoon we do what we call “Show and Tell.” The kids take turns teaching each other what they learned in school that week (by the way, we don’t Show & Tell their math and writing, just their afternoon subjects). As they are teaching we ask questions that help us know more of what they’ve learned, and also to see where they might need to do more studying. It’s been a fun way to end the school week and a good opportunity to practice speaking in front of other people. Every other week, Emma’s afternoon subjects involve “projects” based on what she has been researching.

Weekly routine:

On Mondays, our Church recommends each family spend time together in the evenings doing a family devotional (called “Family Home Evenings”), with a hymn, prayer, lesson, activity and treat being the usual agenda. In our family, we do a “family home morning” instead because Joe has classes Monday nights. We spend time every Monday morning learning about the scriptures together, and often follow-up with a game together. So, we don’t do “Morning School” that day, but we do have “Afternoon School.” On Fridays, the kids do their “Show and Tell.” So we do have Morning School, but instead of Afternoon School we have Show & Tell. That way, we have 4 days of full school, plus one morning of scripture lessons and one afternoon of kids teaching each other.


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