What we’re up to today

What are the kids doing today? Well, this morning we went to the library. We got two bags of books, including some books on the country-of-the-week: India. The kids like Brandon Mull books, Beverly Cleary books, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Then we were off to the library book sale, where we searched through nearly 100 boxes of books for ones we wanted to buy. It’s hard to decide what to buy, now that we have a library so close to us! But we found 25 books to buy — some to replace our most oft-read books that have fallen apart recently. I picked up some phonics books too, just the ones that deal with some trickier sounds. Also a Where’s Waldo? book for good measure.

Now we’re home and just finishing lunch. Micah (3) is playing with a gigantic train set-up in the living room, talking happily to himself. Lydia (5) is coloring the coloring pages she picked up at the library. Emma (11) is reading for her “free reading hour,” and the boys (7 and 9) are using the Lego Idea Book they got this morning to make some cool new projects.

Soon I’ll pull them away so they can start their free reading hour as well. It’s a good transition from lunch/break time to school time!

This afternoon we’ll also study the India books we picked up and do some math assignments.

That’s what we’re up to today!


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