Kids’ Geography Assignment

The kids all have geography as one of their subjects this semester. We’re doing the same country all together each week and sharing things on Fridays. I’ve done geography with some of them before, but this year we’re doing it differently. I think it’ll be a great project:


First, copy the outline of the country and label the countries or water-areas that touch it. Copy the flag, too. Then pick some of these to do:

Nonfiction books – These books can teach you a lot about geography, like famous mountains, rivers, waterfalls, etc. They can tell you about famous places like old ruins. Or famous big cities. Whatever you read about and want to write down, find those places on the map.

Fiction books – find authors that write stories that take place in that country. Find out what cities or areas the stories take place and find them on the map. (If you want to, you can also look up extra information about those areas or pictures on wikipedia.)

Fiction book authors – find authors that are from the country and learn where they were born and where they grew up. And of course, find those places on the map.

Family – has any of our family been to this country before? Find out where they went and find it on the map. (If you want, ask them questions or learn about those places in books or on wikipedia.)

Family History – do we have any ancestors from this country? Find out where they were born or worked or grew up and find them on the map. (You can also learn more about those places or find pictures.)

Movies – do you know of any movies that take place in this country or were filmed in this country? Learn where and find it on the map.

Share what you find out on Friday! But share it by showing it on the map!


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