New Routine!

Fresh starts are so nice! When the semester started, I interviewed each kid to see what they liked about last semester and what they wanted to change. We talked until we were both satisfied and wrote up a routine. This time, I have a list for each kid and they can do each subject in whichever order they want to. They cross it off the list and keep going! Here are their subjects:


  • Journal / Letters
  • Cursive
  • Geography
  • Piano Practice
  • Scripture Study
  • Math
  • P.E.
  • Pioneer Journal
  • Philosophy
  • Chore


  • Guitar Practice
  • Drawing
  • Reading & Book Reports
  • Dinosaur Project with Jonah
  • Math
  • Impressionism
  • Scripture Study
  • Chore


  • Weather time! (with Lydia)
  • Reading
  • Dinosaur poster project (with Jacob)
  • Train book and/or Dinosaur kit (with Daddy)
  • Scripture Study (with Mommy)
  • Math


  • Weather time! (with Jonah)
  • Reading (Mommy reads a book)
  • Scripture Study (with Daddy)

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