Show & Tell – May 17

School has been crazy with so many of us sick! (Every few days someone has thrown up – with a few days break between, thank goodness – for about a month now!) It’s been basically impossible to have a normal schedule during all of that. Even when we got back on one, it got disrupted a day or two later. With either me, the teacher, sick, or being nurse to a little kid, or with one of the school kids themselves sick and watching movies, keeping a strict schedule just wasn’t going to be a good idea!

So, we’ve done our best, and one way we’ve done that is to cut school down to “half-school.” I’m planning on doing a little bit of school all summer so I decided we could do half-days now and still be okay.

Emma has been doing her American History book, and since we don’t want to take that heavy book with us to Utah, she has been doing double-time on history and no science for the last 2 weeks. Yesterday she Show & Tell’ed about the Boston Tea Party. She had a demonstration table with tea cups and a blanket on the floor for the water. She asked the boys to act out what they thought the Boston Tea Party was. She had three options 1) drinking tea together, 2) a birthday party, and 3) throwing tea into the sea. First Jacob picked, and he and Jonah pretended to drink and talk to each other (in their silly fashion). Then Jonah picked throwing it into the water. And Lydia just wanted Emma to pretend to eat with her, so she did that real fast before moving on to explain the real story. Emma was tired of all the books she had, so we downloaded a few new books (yay for the Nook!). She has been reading some Ramona books we don’t have and so ones she’s never read. She especially liked how Ramona was different ages – in one she was little, and her sister was about Emma’s age. In another, Ramona was closer to Emma’s age. I’m going to have the kids keep a reading log this summer, so since we were mixing things up anyway I decided to have them start now. So Emma is writing-up a paragraph about what she reads each day. Her piano time has been optional, but she’s played most days anyway. And she told me she actually misses math, which is good to hear!

Jacob’s job has been to read out loud, as usual, and then I write up 2 or 3 questions for him to answer about what he read. He uses the book to find the words so he can spell them right. For example, I wrote “What does Keith need to feel better?” Another question was “What happened to the motorcycle?” Jacob is almost done with the Mouse and the Motorcycle. He just has one chapter left. He has really enjoyed it. Emma is talking him into reading Ramona books next. 🙂 He still tries to read too fast and skip words, but when he reads out loud and does that I notice and make sure he slows down and doesn’t skip words (or letter sounds inside those words!). His “learning book” time was studying clouds from our DK Weather book. We wanted him to be able to teach us how to recognize cloud types so we can pick them out when we are flying in the airplane to Utah. 🙂 He did a pretty good job, and now he is working on a Motorcycle book (any connection to his Beverly Cleary book? 🙂 ). He has been drawing all the pictures of the different kinds motorcycles and showed then to us at Show & Tell yesterday. We especially liked the “first ever” motorcycle picture.

Jonah has been too left-out during all of this, but he did learn a new word last week: tree! Jonah is very good at memorizing words and remembering them. I’m eager to have the Provo library again so I can check out some beginning-to-read books for him and see how he does! Yay for Libraries!

Well, I’m unfortunately off to tend another sick kid (don’t worry, it’s like a 12-hour mini-sickness, so we’ll be back to a normalish day by the end of the day I assume). Thanks for reading!


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