Homeschool Update May 6

Free time to sit and type at the computer isn’t in abundance, and deciding to take the time necessary to type up Show & Tell each week has proved trickier than I thought. So here is a more general update.

We’ve had sickness at our home, one kid after another, and when one kid gets to watch movies it’s really hard to keep the others focused on school. So we haven’t had our finest performance going on lately. But, they’re still progressing. Jonah now knows “and” “the” and “to” and remembers some stories from memory so he “reads” some titles of books we have. He likes it a lot. Jacob is reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle one chapter (or half chapter) a day. He reads well when he focuses (key word is “when”). I’ve been surprised how many words Beverly Cleary uses that are a bit out-of-date or just unusual, even to me. I wonder if she did that on purpose, to help kids add to their vocabulary, or if they are words that were more common when she wrote them? Jacob really likes the storyline so it motivates him to read, which is nice. I think we might go back to Magic Treehouse after this one, though. We’ll see. Emma is enjoying playing keyboard for the subject-time she gets to pick. She worked on Adam-ondi-Ahman last week and used headphones so it would be a surprise at Show & Tell. 🙂 I realized last week she was getting very sloppy and lazy with her research, though, so this week she is redoing her history work and spending twice the time on it each day. Should be a good Show & Tell this round with all that extra time! 🙂   Everyone is happy and we’re still enjoying having school at home.

This summer I am planning to do 3-subject school each day, with some flexibility worked into the schedule. I’m still deciding which subjects to do. I’m wanting to take advantage of the Provo Library being a 2 minute walk away (yay!) so I’m thinking 1) research any topic, switching to a new one each week, 2) reading any book, and keeping a reading-journal of what happened in the story each day, and 3) a few pages of a math (etc) workbook I pick up at the store as a review of what we’ve done and to keep things fresh. Not too heavy, but enough to keep them busy and take advantage of having a library again! And hopefully it’ll be fun since they can pick whatever they want to learn about and switch it every week. Oh, and of course we’ll have all those museums to visit too! Should be a fun summer!



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