Legos in the morning

Ah, the early-morning lego-building sessions. Every morning Jacob gets up about 6:45 (he’s the only kid who ever wakes up on a schedule). When he sees that I’m still on my computer then he goes out to the living room and I hear the clank-clank noise of legos (or Erector set) pieces banging together and he searches through his box for the piece he’s looking for. Since we don’t usually get around to breakfast until 7:30, that’s about a 45 minute play time to start the day. Then after breakfast he’s right back to Legos until school starts about 8:30. (And often breakfast is almost forgotten about entirely.)

Micah’s been sick and this morning I got up a bit late so right now all 4 kids are huddled around the Lego box making things while finish things up on the computer. 🙂


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