Show & Tell: April 5

We had a very nice Show & Tell this week. (I missed the post about our “research week” and then we had Gary’s wedding, so sorry about the two-week interruption!) Jacob taught us about jet planes, using a great Level 4 Reader Book we picked up on sale a while back. Since we had just been on an airplane to and from Gary’s wedding, it was all very interesting to the kids! Jacob’s assignment this week was to be able to explain the first 10 pages to us. And he did a great job! He especially did well drawing and explaining the jet engine! They liked learning about how the wings change to take off, but the kids only remember that happening when we landed so they are excited to read more next week and see what happens in the book. 🙂 Jacob also read more of his chapter book (Kids on the Bus). When he’s done with this one I think I’m going to have him start the Mouse and the Motorcycle. I read that to him last year and he loved it. I think he’ll love being able to read it on his own!

Jonah showed us the letter of the week – Z! 🙂

We’re done with letters so this week we are starting sight words. 🙂

Emma had three subjects to show us. She worked on four songs from the Children’s Songbook! Some of them were short and she liked being able to practice them over and over to get them just right. She also liked picking out a sound for each of the songs. 🙂

Her sewing lessons have ended for this school year and will probably pick up in the fall again. (Her wonderful teacher has had some ongoing health concerns so we’re putting the lessons on hold until she’s done with some physical therapy. Then we’re off to Provo for the summer, so we’ll start up again in the fall.) But Emma is doing well with what she has learned and I’m very proud of her!

For American History, she made a map of the French-Indian war showing the battles and who won or lost. (She read about the war and the map during her research week.) I asked her to add the states in pencil so I could see where these places were on a modern map. We noticed that all the battles were to the west of the colonies.

For Science, Emma did a review of everything she has learned so far in The Way Things Work. She just finished the first unit in the book. (Yay for Emma!) She put on a show (with tickets and assigned seats!) (oh and a checklist) to demonstrate everything she has learned so far. Starting next week she gets to look through the book and pick things she wants to learn about.

All the kids are doing well and we are very proud of them!

Emma is a great researcher! I’m happy that she has become so responsible with her schoolwork. She never complains and always makes sure to stay on track, even when I’m paying most of my attention to the younger children. I’m so glad she does well with her role as the oldest! And she reads all the time – during breakfast, during breaks, before she sleeps (usually for over an hour), on the bus, etc.

Jacob is learning that if he slows down and pays attention, he does wonderful reading! If he tries to go too fast and guess what’s coming, he skips words or adds in letters and has a harder time. We keep comparing it to baseball: if you focus and keep your eye on the ball, you’ll hit the ball. So we keep telling him to “focus and pay attention” and he is doing very well. I’m anxious to see how he does with a Beverly Cleary book! I hope he loves it and starts reading more chapter books on his own.

Jonah is picking up a lot of things by watching his siblings. I’m excited to start sight words next week!

Lydia just has fun being around everyone! 🙂


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