Show & Tell: March 8

Every Friday afternoon we do what we call “Show and Tell.” The kids take turns teaching each other what they learned in school that week (by the way, we don’t Show & Tell their math and writing, just their afternoon subjects). As they are teaching we ask questions that help us know more of what they’ve learned, and also to see where they might need to do more studying. It’s been a fun way to end the school week and a good opportunity to practice speaking in front of other people. Every other week, Emma’s afternoon subjects involve “projects” based on what she has been researching. The week of Friday, March 8, was a “project week.” Here’s what the kids were doing this week:

Jonah learned the letter “W.” He always goes first for Show and Tell. He drew a W in the air (big and little), tried to make a W with his body, told us the sound it made, and at least 6 words that start with a W.

Emma went next. She showed us the song she had learned on the keyboard this week (Book of Mormon stories, with both hands – her first song with both hands!). She also showed us the things she had sewn that week in connection with sewing lessons (she’s working on pillowcases for her and Lydia, she made little clothes for Lydia and Jacob’s stuffed animals, and she made a blanket for Lydia).

Jacob then updated us on the story he is reading. He has been reading one chapter from a “Kids on the Bus” book each school day. Show and Tell is a chance for him show that he has understood what he has read. Emma has read all the books so she’s curious to see where he is at in the book. Jonah likes it when Jacob uses the pictures in the book to help explain the story.

Then Emma reported on her Science work. She is reading The Way Things Work section-by-section. The previous week she had read about Springs. For her project she first tried to make something into a spring and make a door that closed by itself. Unfortunately the wire from a notebook wasn’t actually a spring, so she had to try something else. She ended up making a quiz for us where we had to guess which things had a spring in them and which things didn’t. She went all over the house looking for springs to get ready to make the quiz. The boys had a lot of fun with the quiz. The one we enjoyed the most was whether or not a pillow had a spring. (We wondered how long it would take you to fall asleep if it did! 🙂 )

Jacob then reported on what he had learned in his “learning notebook.” Every day we do a routine where Jonah picks a Childcraft book (and 3 specific pages), I read it aloud, and Jacob writes about it. He has to use the book to write one sentence, and then draw one picture and label two things in the picture. This has been a good way for Jacob to begin to understand how to research something. And it’s also been a good way for Jonah and Lydia (who always tags along for it) to feel more involved in school.

This week Jacob learned about people who catch lobsters as their job, about Constantinople changing its name to Istanbul, and about different kids of gardens all over the world. (Doing school this way is also a nice way to learn quite the variety of interesting things!)

Emma finished off Show and Tell by doing a play about the Colonies. She set up cardboard labels for “Old World” and 3 sections of the Colonies (New England, Middle, and South). Then she acted out what she had learned about each area of the colonies. She showed the people in New England sewing or working as carpenters (with apprentices). She showed people coming from the Old World to the New World in a boat (made from cardboard, with a handle to hold it as she walked) to be indentured servants. She also showed people working in the plantations of the South. And she learned that people in the Middle colonies made bread that was sent to other countries!

It was a good Show and Tell session and I felt pleased with what they learned and taught this week. On to “research week” next!


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