Homeschool Schedule!

I’m really loving our homeschool schedule this semester! I felt very inspired as I prayed about how to have time together, time for myself, and freedom to take care of the new baby. I have a preschooler, a 1st grader, and a 3rd grader this year. Here’s our routine:

Before school:

Scripture study

Get dressed


8:30- Together Time

Letter of the week


Drawing (Jonah)

English (Composition Writing) for Emma,

English (Reading Lesson) for Jacob

Math Time

10:30-12:00- Break




12:00- Subjects to Research

12 -E: American History

12 -J: Maps

1 – E: Way Things Work

1 – J: Read

2 – E: You get to pick

The plan is that for one week, Emma will read and research from a two-page spread from her American History Encyclopedia and from her The Way Things Work science book. She’ll read and take notes, but then also look up things she doesn’t recognize in her reading: words, places, names, etc. Her job is to prepare all week to teach me on Friday.

Every Friday afternoon we have “Show and Tell” time. Emma and Jacob show to me and each other what they’ve learned in their subjects. They need to explain it, teach it, and answer our questions. This also gives them an idea of what else they need to look up so they understand things better.

Then – the best part! – the following week, their job (mostly Emma right now, Jacob will grow into this part) is to use what they learned to create something. A play, a poster, a book, whatever. 🙂 During this time, they will realize things they didn’t know well enough in order to do something with what they learned, and keep on looking things up! I feel so good about this routine for our kids right now (mostly Emma, but eventually Jacob too).

If she wants to do an extra week on research or an extra week on her project, as long as I can see that she has been working hard then that’s allowable. So that Friday she shows us what she’s done so far and what she  plans to do, and I can give her more direction too.

In the mornings, we are starting with “Together Time.” We’re doing a letter a week, and each day we do something else with the letter. Even though it’s way below Emma’s level, she’s enjoying it too. 🙂 And it’s a great chance for her and Jacob to work on their penmanship. Jonah loves being a part of it. And Lydia always joins in with her own scribbles on her notebook, too! Then we do counting on the calendar, Jacob finds today’s date, and Jonah finds the number we’re working on that day. After that Jonah draws and hangs out with us while Jacob and Emma start their English lessons and math.

For English, Emma is writing a page-long “composition.” That night I circle problems, then next day she looks up words and fixes things. Then the next two days she writes it very carefully and double checks everything with me. Jacob’s time is spent learning about patterns in words that will help him read faster. A lesson about right/light/might etc., for example. Or practicing when c says “k” and when c says “s.” We drill for a while, and then find those words in a book so he can practice.

For his afternoon reading time, he is working through Amelia Bedelia books and is just loving the stories. 🙂

There’s a brief look at our homeschooling schedule! It’s going well… though of course we just had a week off for a very important vacation. 🙂


One thought on “Homeschool Schedule!

  1. that sounds great, glad you are enjoying homeschooling, I can imagine it is challenging to do three different grades. I can’t wait to see the kids again.

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