“She likes, Bubbles” – (paraphrase from Finding Nemo)

The other day Lydia was sad because all the other kids got to play with bubbles but I didn’t give her one to hold (8 years of motherhood have taught me that would = dumped out bubble solution, whether by accident, or just by curiosity). So Saturday I bought her one of those no-spill bubble sets. And boy, she’s taking a liking to it. She carries it all over the house. She talks about her bubbles and asks where they are often. And last night I made her leave them outside on the balcony and she was mad.  🙂 Cried for almost a half hour about it! (She was quite tired.) And this morning, within 5 minutes of getting up she was asking where her bubbles were and if she could go blow the bubbles! She’s been out on the balcony and back in over and over again this morning talking about “my bubb-os.” 🙂


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