Lydia and Peanut Butter

Lydia has discovered peanut butter. She already loved peanuts, so this wasn’t really a big surprise to anyone. Today, however, things went to a new level. She had peanut butter on some graham crackers. And, of course, she just licked the peanut butter off and left the crackers. This went on for a while until she decided it was time for some juice (all the peanut butter makes you thirsty, you know). She grabbed her cup and started to drink. Then she noticed that something amazing had happened. There was now peanut butter on her cup! She intently stared at her cup (I could see her eyes through her sippy cup) and began licking her cup. Of course, the peanut butter had come from her quite messy hands, and now, her cup was also being covered in the peanut butter from her face! This was quite the unending supply of peanut butter! But alas, all good things must come to an end. Lydia finished licking, drank some juice, and then tried to convince Emma to let her have her peanut butter sandwich.


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