Dinosaur bones

A cute story from Jonah. We bought a book about the Human Body from Costco and the kids have been looking at it and reading it with Joe. A few days ago Jonah was laying on the couch being quiet and thinking.

“Mommy,” he said, while poking his ribs, “I have dinosaur bones in me.”

“Dinosaur bones? You mean rib bones?”

“Yah dinosaur bones. And fossils.”

I think it’s hilarious but it also is interesting to think about how a kid learns about the world. He has spent over a year looking at books about dinosaurs, going to dinosaur museums, and even playing with dinosaur skeleton toys in their dinosaur set. Then for the first time, someone shows him a book with a human skeleton in it. So now his bones are a subcategory of dinosaur bones! I love it.



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