Our new school schedules

A new year! A new plan! I always tweak their schedules once I see how they react to them, but here they are so far! (The capitalized words on Emma’s list are the general category, and the rest after it was her particular assignment for that day or week.) Jonah will just be working on ABC’s and 123’s this year. 🙂


  1. Put away books and jammies

  2. Brush hair


  1. JOURNAL. Write about your day yesterday. Write about what you did, who you saw, where you went, how you felt, what you learned, what you liked about school, what you and Daddy did, or you and someone else in the family.

  2. SPELLING. Find the Picture Dictionary. Pick 5 words and write each one 5 times. On Friday we can have a spelling test.

  3. ANIMAL SCIENCE. Pick a zoo animal to add to your zoo project. Draw a picture, write where the animal is from, write how tall it gets, what colors it can be, and other things you learn. Add 2 new things each day about the same animal. Pick a new animal each week.

  4. BIOGRAPY. Pick an author from Mommy and Daddy’s shelves. Find all the books by that same person. Find out what kind of books the person wrote (stories, history, philosophy, scripture commentary, etc.). Find out when the person was born and if the person is a girl or a boy.

  5. MATH. Measure 5 things in inches and in centimeters. Ask me about the difference between the two. Some countries use inches and some use centimeters!

  6. ART. Weave another mat. Draw a picture of something else that is woven togther like that. Try to write or draw instructions on how to make a woven mat.

  7. SPANISH. Ask me for a list of Spanish words to start to learn. Practice 4 of them.

  8. READING. Finish the easier book this week. Write things you learn and like. Write questions you have about the story or the things people do. Next week we will pick a new book!

  9. EXTRA! Cooking lesson! Look through a cookbook and pick a recipe. Copy down every time you see measurements like “ ½ cup” or ¼ TBSP.” Sometimes ½ will look like “1/2” instead.


  1. Clean up school things (tables, papers, books, markers, pens)

  2. Clean up snack things, if there are any wrappers or dishes left out

  3. If there are any of your clothes left out, clean those up



  1. Clean up the books on your bed from last night.

  2. Get dressed

  3. Put away jammies


  1. WRITING! Pick 2 words in the Picture Dictionary to learn how to write. Copy the word and draw a picture.

  2. ANIMALS! Draw a picture of a zoo animal. Find out the right colors. Write the name of the animal.


  4. MATH!


  1. Clean up school things. Put away papers, books, tables, etc.



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