Funny stories from Jonah!

Story one:

Jonah reached the “why” stage in the last few weeks. I was at church by myself with the kids. Jonah started to ask all about the sacrament, which has never, ever drawn his attention before. So in the quiet, you could hear Jonah loudly say, “Why?” “Why they break the bread?” (I wish I could type sing-songy flow of his voice, too. When I italicize something, think of his voice sliding up and back down in the same word.) “Why they do that?” “Why do we drink water?” “Why?”

Story 2:

Jonah saw some coins on the bathroom counter. While he plays with it, he asks: “Daddy! Is this your money?” “No, that’s Mommy’s.” “That Mommy’s? Oh. You have money Daddy?” “Yes, I have some dollars in my wallet.” “OH, you have dollars? And this is Mommy’s?” “Yep, that’s Mommy’s.” “This is Mommy’s money Daddy?” “Yep.” “This is Mommy’s money?” “YES.” “This is Mommy’s?” “Yes.” Long pause. “It has Joseph Smith on it.”

Story 3:

Jonah is perplexed that Joe has sunglasses he puts on (they slide and attach over his normal glasses). “You have two glasses?” “Yep, my sunglasses are for outside.” “Why you have two glasses?” And no matter what we say, he says again and again “Why you have TWO glasses Daddy?” Then at breakfast sometimes, he’ll stop eating and say, “Daddy has TWO glasses Mommy. Why Daddy have two glasses?”

Story 4:

Apparently Jonah is always asking Daddy about his “mustache.” (Which, of course, he doesn’t have.) He likes to watch Daddy shave. Joe has explained to him what the shaving cream does, where his beard would be if he didn’t shave, etc. But for some reason, Jonah is convinced that a mustache is what is on your chin, and a beard is the hair on the back of your head! 🙂 So every time Joe shaves he says, “You shaving your mustache Daddy? Why you shave your mustache?” 🙂

Story 5:

I was showing Jonah pictures on his Aunt Jamie’s blog. There were some pictures of Taylor and Spencer of course, so I decided to see if he knew their names. I showed him a picture of Taylor, “Who’s that?” “Emma.” “No, that’s actually your cousin Taylor.” “Oh!” “She looks Emma, huh?” I showed him Spencer and more pictures of Taylor, and we talked about all the pictures on the page. Then he asked at the end, “When did Emma go there?” “She didn’t, that was Taylor remember?” Then he asked, “When did Emma turn into Taylor?” !!! 🙂 🙂


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