Potty “train”ing

So this morning I started potty training Jonah. I explained that when Emma and Jacob were potty training, they got candy every time they went pee in the potty. He got the concept pretty well, but when I had him tell it back to me, this is what I got:

“So, when you go pee in the potty, what do you get?”

“Candy! And then go on the train.”

“Train? Oh, no, we’re just learning to go potty. So when you learn to go potty and you go pee, what do you get?


I thought we’d solved that little unintentional promise of a “train” ride, but then one time on the potty he looked up at me:

“I get candy Mommy? And the train?”

🙂 Oh well! Maybe we’ll play with their trains this afternoon. 🙂


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