Emma’s growing up

Yesterday Emma helped me with dinner since Lydia was crying so much and not sleeping well. In fact, she did it all on her own. Granted it was just sandwiches, chips, and yogurt, but she did it! She even made me a sandwich too. 🙂 It was very sweet of her. Also, yesterday she got in trouble for not listening to me, and she actually cried in her room for a while and told me “I promised myself I would be good because I’m getting bigger. And I forgot!” It was a tiny thing she had done, just frustrating really, nothing bad, but she could tell it had bothered me and she was sad she had made a mistake! She’s never taken this sort of thing so seriously before. I told her that was the most grown-up cry she had ever had. I’m actually very proud of her as she takes it upon herself to want to be good.



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