Jacob’s schooling

Jacob would be in pre-school this year, so we are doing a very light homeschooling for him.

When Emma does her “Writing” time, we all sit at the table together with our notebooks. It’s the first thing on her list, so we all get to start school together. For Jacob, I write a word at the top of the paper, and put circles, squares, or triangles under each letter. Then he copies each letter into the shape. The rest of the paper he uses to draw a picture of whatever the word was (“Rainbow” or “balloon” etc). He tends to whine a tad about school, but once he sees whatever word it is he usually smiles the whole time. I usually do 3 or 4 words, depending on how long they are.

Jacob then gets a break to go play. When we do science, he often tags along.

I also do some math with him at some point in the day, sometimes at the same time as Emma and sometimes just while she’s working on some part of her school. I usually have him make two stacks of blocks. We count each stack and then we scoot them all together and count how many there were all together. I think he’s starting to get the concept. If we don’t use blocks, then sometimes we’ll just draw in his book and count – like drawing 7 circles, and then he practices writing the number 7.

That’s all we’re doing with him so far. I’m working him into it a little bit at a time. I think he’s doing fantastically with his letters and numbers, better than Emma was at his age. He’s pretty squirmy so I don’t make him sit very long. But he also likes the attention he gets when I do school with him.


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