Jonah’s first haircut

I talked to Jonah about haircuts for a few days and finally today we did it. Jacob went first so Jonah could watch. Jacob got a sucker, which Jonah coveted greatly. Jonah was shaking his head and saying “no Mommy” until he finally decided that sucker was worth it. Our clippers are pretty loud and he didn’t like it much at all, but I did get at least the back done – yay! Good start!! I am so much braver with my third than my second. I didn’t like to hear Jacob cry about haircuts. We didn’t have our own clippers then either, so it was someone else making my kid cry! It was much easier to hold Jonah’s head and just get started, telling him he was okay. He did calm down for most of it, and I considered it a great first time. The top was so long I had to keep shaking it out of the clippers every 2 seconds, which was taking forever, so I decided to do that later by scissors or clippers, depending on how things go! It was right before nap time so it was off to the tub and then to sleep. šŸ™‚ Good little boy! Since I was the only one home there aren’t any pictures, though. Oh well! I guess you’ll have to use your imagination! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Jonah’s first haircut

  1. I remember cutting little boys hair and then big boys. I’m excited for Tuesday. You can call me at work if you want I will have my cell phone on me, or call Gateway.

  2. I always bribe the boys with Popsicles and a favorite video when I do their hair. It also helps when I do Johns first and then the boys.

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