Emma’s story – “Why is life so hard with a Mommy?”

Emma’s had a hard week. She has a very strong will, which is a great blessing in so many ways, but also presents a challenge for us. She absolutely does NOT want to do a great deal of things. Every once in a while she gets progressively worse until she’s just grumpy and driving us crazy! So this week we began operation rediscipline Emma. She can’t have three breakfasts, she has to comb her hair or we’re getting it cut, no she can’t have snacks all day and she certainly CAN’T be mad at Mommy if she says no… and so on. It’s been a big week but we’ve made great progress. So in the middle of all this she slumps in a kitchen chair and asks, “Why is life so hard with a Mommy?” I offered to go away for a day so she cook cook her own meals and do her own laundry, but she didn’t like that idea either. 🙂

She’s doing better, and knows we’re serious. She’ll be back to normal in a few more days, I think (I hope!). School has been a big problem this week. Yesterday after trying and trying, and her saying “I can’t” (ie I’m lazy) over and over again, we put her in a situation where she had to learn she can read. We put her in our room with a philosophy book and told her she had to read the first two sentences, by herself, before she could come out. (She’d worked through the first sentence a few days ago with Joe.) She did the first one, then moped in the room for almost 2 hours. Finally, she gave in, figured out the words – all by herself! Even “methodology.” We’re trying to help her see a big word is really lots of small 2 or 3 letter groups she can figure out, even if it’s just a good guess, and even if she doesn’t know what the word means yet. Amazing how after that, she can read all sorts of simple words that just hours ago were “too hard!” 🙂

So, there’s the story. I’m so excited to see Emma as she harnesses her will as she gets older and older.

We love you Emma!


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