What Jonah says

Jonah is almost starting to talk. When Joe leaves in the morning the kids all say “Bbyyyee Ddaaadddyyy!” Jonah first started saying “bye!” and waving his hand. Then a few weeks later we heard a “Dahdee”! 🙂 Very cute. He nods his head and shakes his head to tell me what food he wants. And of course he makes lots of fun babbling noises.


3 thoughts on “What Jonah says

  1. I love when they start communicating more and more. It is so exciting to see their minds working and figuring things out. Very sweet.

  2. I can hardly ever understand what is being said by my kids. George says “arrrwaarrrs” when he is referring to one of three things, McDonald’s, Star Wars (Lego Wii game), or “Turtles”, referring to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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