Banana Dance

On Saturday we were outside, enjoying the warm day, and Emma brought out bananas for a “picnic.”  I didn’t have anything to cut up pieces for Jonah so I just let him bite off a piece with his (many) teeth. (He’s got 8 and 4 more on the way.)  He must have really enjoyed it, because after each bite he’d do a little dance, wiggling and shaking his head. 🙂  Emma and I kept saying “Banana dance!!  Banana dance!”  And of course, Jonah loved the attention!

Jonah is getting more “one year old”-ish every day. He is walking a lot and so very happy and silly.  I love it when he tilts his head at an angle and looks at you to see what you’re doing or thinking.  I love his silly language (jar jar jar or di da dooo!) He is an absolute joy to have around!


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