Sitting, check. Crawling, check. Standing?

Jonah is doing very well crawling.  Sometimes it’s the hands and knees approach, sometimes the slightly less traditional hands and feet style (with the bum way up in the air 🙂 ).  He can manouver the stairs quite well, up and down. Yes we still stay right behind him going both up and down.  (Sara: Yes, I know, a baby gate should be included in our next shopping trip!!) 🙂

He “cruises” quite well (for those without babies, it means holding on to something like a couch and walking a longside it).  He cruises on the wall, chairs, beds, whatever.  He lets go and stands alone sometimes too.  We play a game where I set him up in front of me and count until he falls in my lap. He always smiles so big, especially when I clap for him.

This morning he stood alone for 20 seconds, which was a new record for him (previous was only 6).  He should be trying to walk soon!


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