Mud day

Yesterday, it was so nice outside.  The kids started out by drawing with chalk.  (Simple enough.) Then they graduated to the puddles in the long gravel driveway my parents have. Emma pretended to make a “fire” in the puddle by adding rocks and grass to it. 🙂 Then she took the socks she had put on her hands (she said she was cold, and they were her gloves) and decided to stick them in the mud as their “food”!  On they went to the mounds of dirt left by the gophers, then to the sandbox (that hasn’t been touched since last October.)  By the end, both kids had mud on their noses, cheeks, hands, feet, etc. etc. etc.!  This was all followed by a nice long bath, a good lunch, and a movie to round out the day. 🙂  I can’t believe I let them get so muddy! I guess when they only get to play outside every few weeks, I don’t mind so much.  🙂

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