Here are some pictures that go through a day of school in our house.

Here are some pictures to help explain what we do during our homeschool schedule:

There’s a bit of a sample of how we do things! I’m glad they have each other and it gets more fun and more rewarding all the time!

Jonah’s journal (sample)

This is why I like to design a lot of my own assignments instead of using workbooks all the time. It’s just too fun!

Happy Jonah!

Jonah will randomly giggle during a meal or on a walk, when something he’s thinking about tickles his funny bone. He’s not doing it to get attention, he just can’t help it!

When Jonah wakes up grumpy I go over to him, listen for a minute, then just copy his frown for a minute and he has to smile!

If he is sad from a fight with Jacob or something, I just tell him to show me his frown for as long as he can, and it disappears almost immediately!

Sometimes he’s actually frustrated that he can’t keep a frown and stay grumpy! He and I have¬†decided that he was just born with too many smiles in him, and they just have to keep popping out! :)